This portal is progressing into a
with water information and tools to water scientists, consultancies and managers:

Tools for decision support
SWITCH-ON will launch a continuously expanding number of water-information products and services.

An open Virtual Water-Science Laboratory
SWITCH-ON will provide research infrastructure to facilitate collaboration, transparency and repeatable computational experiments.

Tailored data, research results and marketing
SWITCH-ON will give free access to tools for data search and knowledge brokering for development and marketing of commercial information products and services.


Spatial Information Platform

Products and Services

Knowledge Brokerage and Marketing


Virtual Water-Science Laboratory

The SWITCH-ON project brings together 15 organizations from across Europe to search for new forms of scientific research and development of tools using Open Data for societal needs. Read more

The SWITCH-ON project sets out to explore the potential of Open Data for water security and management.

SWITCH-ON will show the benefits that can be achieved through collaborative research and re-purposing/re-using open data products into more dedicated and refined water products.

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